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High-Quality House Extension Work for Tonbridge Homes

Based in nearby Maidstone, Lanhill Construction have been carrying out high-end luxury kitchen and property renovation work for professionals in Tonbridge since our inception in 2014. We have gained a glowing reputation in that short time, for the high quality of work displayed consistently by a Lanhill builder, and for our meticulous project management from start to finish. On this page, we discuss some of the different types of house extension Lanhill Construction are able to perform on your home, and how we can tailor them to your requirements to help you realise your interior design dreams.

Porches, Conservatories and Orangeries


These are some of the simpler house extension projects we have carried out in Tonbridge. A porch is especially simple, as they tend to only consist of brick dwarf walls and columns, windows and a door. However, a builder from our team is also an electrician, so can lighting into your new porch. Conservatories and orangeries are common house extensions, the major difference between the two being that conservatories tend to be constructed mostly of glazing with minimal brickwork, whereas orangeries have a solid roof and brick walls. Dependant on Tonbridge local authority regulations, planning permission may or may not be needed for these structures; it is always best practice to check.


Single-Storey Extension


A single storey house extension is added onto a part of your Tonbridge home, with one or more sides of the extension joining with it. As its name implies, this type of extension spans only the ground floor. This house extension is perfect for incorporating a luxury kitchen and dining space into your home, but could be used for all sorts of purpose, let your imagination run wild!


The main considerations when planning a single-storey house extension is whether or not it will be spacious enough for your intended use, and how its construction will impact neighbours. It’s also worth giving thought how roofing will work with your existing property and whether the same type of roof your existing Tonbridge property has can be used on the extension. This will lead to stylistic cohesion. A builder from our team will bear all of these points in mind at the planning stage, and produce intricate structural drawings and a project management plan to include all roofing solutions.


Two-Storey or Multi-Storey Extension


Like its single-storey cousin, a multi-storey house extension can be constructed on to a part of your existing building. It can present a realm of possibilities in terms of renovation of your interior design, adding additional bedrooms, luxury kitchen space or perhaps even a home office or gym. However, with the extension of multiple storeys, the possibility of annoying your neighbours in Tonbridge is much more likely, as a multi-storey house extension is a more significant undertaking requiring more work over a longer period of time.


Over-Structure Extension


An over-structure house extension is when Tonbridge homeowners extend their property over an existing structure, like a garage, luxury kitchen, or perhaps living / dining room. While this may sound simple on paper, it’s often not as easy as the other forms of house extension and property renovation listed above.


This is because many Tonbridge homes feature garages that have poor quality brickwork and foundations, making it unsafe for a Lanhill builder to construct a house extension on top of them. However, there is a solution! We’d typically drill down below the garage floor and install new, modern foundations. Then, we’d install fresh blockwork piers (with a steel beam placed above them). This ensures the garage is structurally sound enough to support the extension.


Another potential problem lies in building a house extension over a luxury kitchen or dining room with twin leaf walls built a few decades ago. These aren’t uncommon in Tonbridge homes. Because it’s often hard to ascertain the condition of older homes’ foundations, it is often necessary to dig a hole to be able to investigate. Fortunately, your local expert builder will be able to help with all investigation before renovation takes place.

Tonbridge professionals think we’re #1 for house extension and renovation work in the area. Call us on 01622 437 694 to find out more.

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