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We feel that hiring a builder from Lanhill Construction is an investment in high quality. Our firm concentrate on Tunbridge Wells professionals, who wish to spend their hard-earned on a luxury kitchen, house extension or a property renovation that is built to last. We have built a reputation on consistently outstanding results and meticulous project management from beginning to end. On this page, we explore the processes a Lanhill builder will undertake while carrying out renovation on a Tunbridge Wells home, and we hope you’ll get a sense of the kind of professionalism and attention to detail we bring to every task in the area

Brickwork and Repointing


Repointing and restoration of brickwork is one of the major renovation jobs we carry out in the Tunbridge Wells area. Over time, particularly if you have a home from a period when brick manufacturing processes weren’t as complex as nowadays, brickwork can start to degrade. Weathering and general decay can erode the joints between bricks, allowing the entrance of water. This can lead to issues like frost weathering, salt dissolution and deposition, as well as disintegration from acids in rainwater.


Fortunately, a builder from Lanhill’s team will be able to save brickwork on Tunbridge Wells homes through repointing. This process renews the external part of mortar joints, to halt the aging process and retain your outer fascia’s beauty. During property renovation, a Lanhill builder will match new mortar with the existing mortar type, colour and texture to avoid a potentially incompatible mixture and a lack of aesthetic cohesion.




When commencing a house extension on Tunbridge Wells property, full groundworks procedures will be carried out by a Lanhill Construction builder. The term refers to work done to prepare sub-surfaces for the start of construction work, and may include ground investigation, site clearance, substructure and ground stabilisation works, site services and landscaping. Thorough groundworks and site preparation are a requirement from Tunbridge Wells local authorities, ensuring that your house extension is sound and solid from the ground up.


Firstly, a builder will conduct ground investigation is carried out to identify past land uses, to see if there may be potential issues with stability or contamination. Then, if all is well, site clearance and landscaping takes the topsoil from the footprint of your house extension structure. Substructure, including soil nails, ground anchors, synthetic liners and foundations, is then put in place, followed by any necessary site services such as temporary drainage or other utilities connection solutions. This completes the groundworks process, and allows the builder to start work on your Tunbridge Wells house extension.


Plastering and Rendering


A builder from Lanhill’s team, each of whom possess several years of experience in the construction industry, will be well versed in both plastering and rendering, put to use in luxury kitchen, property renovation and house extension work in Tunbridge Wells. Plastering is generally carried out on interior surfaces, such as those in luxury kitchens, while rendering is undertaken on exterior surfaces. Both are constructed from cement, sand, water and lime, but the cement content and fineness of sand are the main differences between plaster and render.


Coarser render is perfect for weatherproofing the exterior of a Tunbridge Wells property, whereas smooth plaster makes for a better blank canvas on which to decorate your luxury kitchen. A builder from our team is also able to apply modern acrylic premixed render to a new house extension, a popular choice due to its enhanced water resistance and strength, and availability in a variety of finishes including sandstone, stone or a marble effect.

Lanhill Construction are the property renovation experts for the Tunbridge Wells area. Book in a free consultation today by calling 01622 437 694.

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